Seaweed Soup 0.63oz(18g)



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Seaweed Soup

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Product Name Seaweed Soup 0.63oz(18g)
Size N/A
Country of Origin South Korea
Brand Ottogi
Net Wt. 0.63oz(18g)
Ingredients Seaweed, malt syrup(malt, sugar, water), salt, corn starch, glucose, garlic, monosodium glutamate

Product Description

Ottogi Seaweed Soup 0.63oz(18g) 

9g x 2 Packs

You can taste the refreshing soup of Mi-Yok Guk as it contains juicy beef, fresh sea weed, and extracts from other various maritime products.

Cooking Directions
1. Mix the dried contents with 700 cc (3 1/2 cups) of water and let it boil.
2. After it starts to boil, let it boil for another 1 minute.
3. The food is ready to serve. Enjoy




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