Cover-Dot Acne Care



Cover-Dot Acne Care

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Product Name Cover-Dot Acne Care
SKU 748252252739
Country of Origin United States
Brand Smarted
Net Wt. 36 round, thin adhesive dots
Ingredients N/A
Nutrition Facts N/A

Product Description

Smarted Cover-Dot Acne Care

How it works

■ Cover-Dots are drug-free and safe patches/dots made to help faster healing of acne, pimples, and small wounds.
■ Cover-Dot is designed with hydrocolloid, which is widely used to treat wounds by creating a moist healing environment. Hydrocolloid in

Cover-Dot absorbs acne oil and pus without drying out the skin. Absorption by the hydrocolloid reduces blemish size and unsightly redness, while promoting healing.

■ It is a thin, waterproof and nearly-invisible adhesive dot. Tapered edges keep the Cover-Dot in place.
■ Adhesives also stop the urge to squeeze or pop acne, which prevent scarring.
■ Unlike medicated treatments, Cover-Dot moisturizes skin while whisking away oil.
■ Hydrocolloid dots reduce size and redness of acne or pimple in 1-2 days.
■ Cover-Dot works most effectively when blemish or acne has already been developed, as the hydrocolloid absorbs oil and pus from blemishes.

Application Steps

Cover-Dot adhesives come with 0.5 inches (1.2cm) round dots that users simply peel and apply over acne.

1.Clean face and blemish area with soap & water.
Press on Cover-Dot over blemish or acne.
2.Cover-Dot will absorb pus and oil.
3.Color of the Cover-Dot will turn white.
4.Remove and replace daily, or as needed.

Net Wt.
36 round, thin adhesive dots



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