Sprouted Brown Sweet Rice



Sprouted Brown Sweet Rice

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Product Name Sprouted Brown Sweet Rice
SKU 84603401245
Country of Origin Canada
Brand Haioreum
Net Wt. 3lbs (1.36kg)
Ingredients No
Nutrition Facts No

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Haioreum Sprouted Sweet Brown Rice

-By using Sprouted Sweet Brown Rice, you can readliy make healthy and delicious rice with little labor; you may easily prepare mixed rice of white and brown without pre-soaking, even in a regular rice cooker.

1. Wash the white rice first, then soak it in the water as appropriate.
2. Mix the soaked white rice with the sprouted sweet brown rice for 7:3 or 5:5 ratio, then start cooking.(You do not  have to soak the sprouted sweet brown rice in water before cook)
3. You may adjust the amount of water as regular rice cooking.

Net Wt.
3lbs (1.36kg)

Brown Sweet Rice



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