O! Potato Chilli Chilli 4.06oz(115g)



Potato Chip Snack

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Product Name O! Potato Chilli Chilli 4.06oz(115g)
Size No
Country of Origin South Korea
Brand Orion
Net Wt. 4.06oz(115g)
Ingredients Vegetable Oil(Sunflower, Palm & Soybean oil), Potato Flake, Potato Starch, Potato Granule, Modified Starch, Flavour (Chili), Dehydrated Potato Flake, Sweetener

Product Description

Orion O! Potato Chilli Chilli 4.06oz(115g)

New-concept Potato Snack in Sticks
"Absolute Potato! Oh! Gamja Snack”

Oh! Gamja Snack was popular among consumers from the beginning as it challenged the conventional potato market in hollow sticks.
It breaks and crunches at first bite and gently melts in your mouth. Its hollow shape is fun to look and stick figure makes it easy to eat.

"Oh! Gamja Chili Chili" adds hot chili flavor to quality Oh! Gamja Snack. Chili is a unique type of pepper from the tropical regions in South America and is widely used to make hot and spicy sauces. Enjoy the light taste of potatoes with hot chili!

Delicious Oh! Gamja with a compliment!
Oh! Gamja Dip contains sweet and sour sweet chili sauce and adds a compliment to already tasty Oh Gamja Snack.

Launched in March 1999
Light potato snack full of nutty flavor for anyone to enjoy.
The unique potato snack that introduced the new concept of pellet (formed into a particular shape and then fried) to Korea’s potato chips market.



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