The secret of signature dish at Jungsik, known as the most expensive Korean restaurant in NYC, has released! Meet the executive chef at Jungsik and learn how to cook like Michelin two-star food!


Braised Octopus with Gochujang Aioli


Ingredients (serving 32)

For the Octopus:

4 (4-6lb) Spanish Octopus, heads removed

800g daikon

4bu scallion

1 sheet of kombu(dashima)

canola oil, to sweat vegetables


For the Gochujang base:

400g dashi

350g fine chili pepper powder

250g soy sauce

120g sugar

100g gochujang

40g yondu

10g garlic


For the Basic Aioli:

1400g canola oil

260g egg yolk

12g champagne vinegar

8g garlic, minced


For the Gochujang Aioli:

8 octopus heads, eyes removed and diced into large chunks

1400g dashi

6 large Spanish onion, thinly sliced

4bu scallion

1c gochujang base

2qt Basic aioli

lemon juice, to taste

yundo, to taste


To finish:

canola oil, to fry

cornstarch, to coat octopus

tarragon, chiffonade

parsley, chiffonade