H Mart California Kakaotalk Event – SMARTCARD Points Giveaway!

H Mart California Kakaotalk Channel “SMARTCARD Points Giveaway” event!

Please share your H Mart mobile Smartcard with us and get a chance to win Smartcard points!


Event Period: 10/17 – 12/17, 2023

Winners announcement: 12/22, 2023


Event Rules:

1.       Search for “H Mart Northern CA”, “H Mart Southern CA”, “H Mart LA”, “H Mart San Diego”, or “H Mart Balboa” in the Kakaotalk search bar and add the channel.

2.       Take a screenshot of H Mart mobile Smartcard.

3.       Send us the photo through Kakaotalk 1:1 chat and you will get a chance to win the prize!


A total of 100 lucky winners who participate will receive 3,000 H mart Smartcard Points!

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