H Mart MA Kakaotalk Event – Snap, Text & Win!

H Mart MA Kakaotalk Channel “Snap, Text & Win” event!

Share your H Mart Brookline shopping receipt with us and get a chance to win!


Event Period: 8/4 – 10/29, 2023

Winners announcement: 11/3, 2023


Event Rules:

1.       Search for “H Mart MA” in the Kakaotalk search bar and add the channel.

2.       Take a photo of the H Mart Brookline shopping receipt including the store address and the Smart Card number.

3.       Send us the photo through Kakaotalk 1:1 chat and you will get a chance to win the prize!


A total of 60 lucky winners who participated in the event will receive an H Mart $50 gift certificate!

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