4ways Soju Cocktail / 소주칵테일

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What a way ring in the new year than with sweet, fabulous and incredibly tasty soju cocktails. KVD_소주칵테일_HTC_final_900_01Ingredients (serving size: 4) Screw Kiss: 1 soju, 4 sprit, screw ice cream bar Sweet Meroni: 1 soju, 4 sprit, meroni ice cream bar Lemon punch: 1 soju, 1.5 lemonade, 1.5 sparkling water, ½ lemon Energizer: 1 soju, 2 red bull, 3 blue PowerAde, ice Garnish: thyme, rosemary, mint, lime, lemon   KVD_소주칵테일_HTC_final_900_03 1. Screw Kiss: In a long glass, put soju, sprit, and screw ice cream bar following the ratio. Mix well with the ice cream bar. When the drink changes color to pinkish red color, it’s ready. KVD_소주칵테일_HTC_final_900_05 2. Sweet Meroni: In a long glass, put soju, sprit, and melon ice cream bar. Stir gently because it might overflow. Drink it right away, it has been ready for you. KVD_소주칵테일_HTC_final_900_07 3. Lemon punch: You want more of refreshing taste? Mix soju, lemonade, and sparkling water to ratio. Garnish with mint and lemon. KVD_소주칵테일_HTC_final_900_09 4. Energizer: ready to stay up all night to party? Let this energizer pump you up. Mix soju, red bull, and PowerAde to ratio. Add ice. Garnish with thyme.   KVD_소주칵테일_HTC_final_900_11 Your party will turn into a blast with these tasty drinks. Make sure to drink responsibly!   KVD_나가사키짬뽕_HTC_Final_900_12_02
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