Kimchi cheese burger / 김치치즈버거

A cheese burger expert fall in love with kimchi!

This legit home burger recipe makes you don’t need to go to burger places anymore.

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Ingredients (Serving 2)

260g Beef ground beef (80/20 fat to lean)

1.5 tbsp Butter

100g Kimchi, chopped

1/2 Avocado, sliced

2 Bread bun

2 slices American, or cheddar cheese

Sauce: 4tbsp mayo, 2tbsp gochujang, 1tsp garlic powder

Meat seasoning: Salt/ Pepper/ Garlic powder

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1. Get your ground beef and portion it out in the shape of two meatballs. 80/20 chop meat is essential. The fatter in the meat, the better. Lay your meatballs out on a cooking sheet, tinfoil or plate and using the palm of your clean hands, quickly squish it into an even patty. It does not matter if it is perfectly round, just make it so that it will not fall apart.

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2.  Individually season each patty with a liberal amount of black pepper, Himalayan salt, and garlic powder on both sides.

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3. A cast iron pan is best for cooking meat, so while, or after your patties and made or being made, keep the cast iron on low heat with about 1.5tbsp butter melting in the pan. Ghee, or clarified butter can also be used. When the pan reaches temperature, place the patty’s on the melted butter in the pan and you should hear a sizzle right away. If not, take them out and try again in one minute and raise the flame. Place the patties in the pan. Do not touch them at all. Do not squish them, slide them around or any other weird things people do.

4. There is no set time to cook a burger, you have to watch it cook. This goes for any meat. As soon as the edges start to brown and creep up the sides. Now is the time to flip it. As soon as you flip the burgers, place the slices of cheese to melt over the patties as the other side is cooking. At this point, lower the flame and let the residual heat of the pan continue searing and cooking the meat.

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5. As this is happening, prepare your kimchi by putting in on a non-stick pan with low heat. This can be done in prep also. Just do this before the burger is done. It should only take a few minutes to soften and wither the kimchi, making it softer and more aromatic. 

6. Now create your spicy mayo by combining 2 parts mayo, 1-part gochujang and 1-part garlic powder. If you don’t like too much garlic, you can skip the garlic seasoning on the meat itself.

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7. Finally, when your burgers start to bleed out turn the heat off and remove them to let them rest a couple minutes. Construct burger. You can serve with fries. Enjoy immediately!

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