Barista Ujae Lee at Sweet Moment : Matcha Latte / 녹차라떼

Turn your coffee table into an Instagrammable home-café

with this adorable homemade Matcha latte!

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“Nowadays we live in a world where we cannot live without coffee”



Matcha Latte / 녹차라떼

Serves: 1




15 ml or 0.5 oz Water

2 tsp Matcha Powder

10 g Sugar Syrup (optional)

20 oz Milk



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1. Put hot water into small cup and add the matcha powder

and sugar syrup (if you prefer to drink it as sweetened). Stir it really well.



2. Pour the milk into a measuring cup. Microwave it for 1-2 minutes.

Put warmed milk into the French press and pump it 3 times (all the way down and up.) 

Then, pump until the texture is thick (this time, not all the way up and down.)




4. Put the matcha liquid into your favorite cup and pour the milk into matcha liquid!


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