Beef short rib stew / 갈비찜

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This stew is such a special dish in Korea. We usually eat it for celebrations, birthdays or holidays, and especially, on Korean thanksgiving, called ‘Chuseok’. Enjoy this delicious new idea with your guests. We guarantee you that everyone will love it! 갈비찜900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 4) 2lb Beef short rib 6cloves Garlic 2stems Scallion 3-5ea Dried jujube 5-10ea peeled chestnuts ½ea Carrot 1/3ea Korean radish 2-3ea Shiitake mushroom Sauce: Asian pear ½ ea, Onion ¼ ea, soy sauce 5tbsp, mirin 2tbsp, sugar 1tbsp, corn syrup 2tbsp, minced garlic 1tbsp, minced scallion 2tbsp, sesame oil 1tbsp, sesame seeds 1tbsp, a pinch of salt & pepper Garnish: red & green pepper, sesame seeds   갈비찜900_03 1. Bring 4cups water to boil, once it’s boiling, add 6 cloves garlic, 2stems scallion and short ribs. Boil for 30minutes over high heat.   갈비찜900_05 2. In the meantime, blend pear and onion using blender. Add all other sauce ingredient into the blended mixture. Mix well. Set aside.   갈비찜900_07 3. Turn off the heat and take out the meat onto your cutting board. Cut the meat toward bones.   갈비찜900_09 4. Place a large bowl and a sieve on top. If you have a cooking hemp cloth (you can find one at Hmart), place on top as well, it filters impurities out better. Pour the water you boiled with meat and veggies onto sieve. We will use the broth to make stew, so set aside.   갈비찜900_11 5. Place the meat and ½ of sauce we made in a large pot, bring it to boil over medium high heat. Once it’s boiling, add carrot, daikon, chestnuts, jujube, left sauce and broth until everything sinks half. Cover and boil for another 30mintes.   갈비찜900_13 6. When the broth reduced 80-90% and meat is cooked, it’s done! Garnish with some pepper and sesame seeds.   갈비찜900_15 Meat is tender, sauce is super savory and flavorful. Get a bowl of rice and enjoy your Korean thanksgiving dinner! Happy holiday!   KVD로고
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