Bingsu (Korean shaved ice) 4ways / 빙수

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Here's 4ways Korean shaved ice to try it! Have a spoon of sweets that keep you cool. 빙수-4가지900_01Ingredients Ice, Condensed milk, Ice cream Oreo Bingsu : oreo cookies, chocolate syrup, powdered sugar Red bean Bingsu : red bean paste, sweet rice cake, nuts Green tea Bingsu : green tea powder, chocolate syrup, almond, red bean paste Fruity Bingsu : fruits, red bean paste   빙수-4가지900_03 1. First, shave your ice into a bowl. Drizzle with condensed milk. If you want more creamy texture, you can freeze a mixture of milk, condensed milk, water and sugar, then shave.   빙수-4가지900_05 2. Use the following steps to create your favorite Bingsu! Oreo : Using a zip-lock bag, make oreo crumbs. Top it over the ice, then a scoop of ice cream (cookie&cream flavor recommend). Drizzle chocolate syrup or powdered sugar and finish up with a oreo cookie.   빙수-4가지900_07 Red bean : Top with red bean paste, ice cream(red bean flavor) and sweet rice cakes. Garnish with nuts for nutty flavor!   빙수-4가지900_09 Green tea : Add some green tea powder into the shaved ice, or freeze green tea milk! Top it with red bean paste and a scoop of green tea ice cream. Chocolate syrup and powdered sugar are optional, garnish with almond or any nuts.   빙수-4가지900_11 Fruity : Chop your favorite fruits into cubes, top it over the ice with red bean paste, vanilla ice cream and a cherry for extra garnish!   빙수-4가지900_13 3. Mix well and enjoy your summer!   비빔밥_web_17
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