Cheesy pork cutlet / 치즈돈까스

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Pork cutlet and Cheese. Move over veal parmesan. This dish will have you coming back for more! KVD_HTC_돈까스_900_01 Ingredients (serving 2) 2-4 slices pork loin 1cup Shredded cheese 2ea Eggs 1cup Flour 2cups Bread crumbs Oil for deep frying Donkatsu sauce Side topping idea: cherry tomatoes, coleslaw and rice KVD_HTC_돈까스_900_03 1. Use a meat tenderizer or the back of your kitchen knife to pound and flatten the sliced pork. Sprinkle both sides with salt and ground black pepper. KVD_HTC_돈까스_900_05 2. Coat both sides of the cutlets with flour, dip them in the beaten eggs, and press them into bread crumbs. KVD_HTC_돈까스_900_07 3. Fry the pork until both sides are golden brown about 5-8minutes. Drain on pepper towel. KVD_HTC_돈까스_900_09 4. Cut the pork into bite size and put on a small serving pan, top with shredded cheese. Add sides of your choice as rice, tomatoes or salad. Use a torch to melt the cheese. KVD_HTC_돈까스_900_11 The combination of crispy homemade pork cutlet and gooey cheese will take you to the heaven! KVD_나가사키짬뽕_HTC_Final_900_12_02
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