Chef Ho Young Kim at Jungsik : Braised Octopus with Gochujang Aioli / 찐 문어와 고추장 아이올리

The secret of signature dish at Jungsik, known as the most expensive Korean

restaurant in NYC, has released! Meet the executive chef at Jungsik

and learn how to cook like Michelin two-star food!





“Find delicious ingredients, cook a simple dish, and really enjoy the flavors of it.

Just like Samgyubsal, if the meat is delicious, it doesn’t matter

how you cook it, you will be satisfied.”



Braised Octopus with Gochujang Aioli / 찐 문어와 고추장 아이올리

 Serves: 32






4 Spanish Octopus (4-6 lb), heads removed

800 g Daikon

4 bunches Scallion

1 sheet of Kombu or Dashima

Canola oil, to sweat Vegetables


Gochujang Base:

400 g Dashi

350 g Fine Chili Pepper Powder

250 g Soy Sauce

120 g Sugar

100 g Gochujang

40 g Yondu

10 g Garlic


Basic Aioli:

1400 g Canola Oil

260 g Egg Yolk

12 g Champagne Vinegar

8 g Garlic, minced


Gochujang Aioli:

8 Octopus, heads, eyes removed and diced into large chunks

1400 g Dashi

6 large Spanish Onion, thinly sliced

4 bunches Scallion

1 cup Gochujang Base

2 qt Basic Aioli

Lemon Juice, to taste

Yundo, to taste


To finish:

Canola oil, to fry

Cornstarch, to coat octopus


Garnish: Tarragon, chiffonade and Parsley, chiffonade




 1. Start by removing the heads of the octopus, and rinsing the tentacles for

20-30 minutes to remove the salinity. In a large rondeau,

sweat the scallions and daikon until fragrant.





 2.  Add the kombu and water, half way up the side of the pot. Once the water comes

to a boil, add the Octopus bodies and cover with parchment paper or lid.

Bring the water back to a boil and then move to a very slow simmer for about 65 minutes.

To check doneness, remove octopus from braise, cut one tentacle and taste for texture.



3.  For the gochujang base, combine all ingredients in one large mixing bowl and mix well.

Once evenly combined, separate into 1 cup containers and refrigerate.

For the basic aioli, combine and mix the egg yolks, vinegar, and garlic in

a medium size bowl. While whisking, slowly start to incorporate the

canola oil until aioli becomes thick and shiny.




4. To make the gochujang aioli, start by sweating the scallions and octopus head chunks

in a large rondeau. Once most of the liquid has evaporated, add the sliced onions and

sweat until soft. Add the dashi and one cup of the gochujang base.

Cook until thick and strain through chinois, making sure to

press all the octopus heads as much as possible.



5.  Reduce the strained liquid once again until thick and yield is 1 pint of liquid.

Strain once again and cool down immediately. To finish, add the octopus reduction

and 1 quart of basic aioli in a bowl, mix well and taste. If resulting sauce is dark,

add more aioli until color becomes orange. Add lemon juice and yundo to taste.





6. To finish, coat tentacles in cornstarch and shake off excess.

Fry in oil at 420F for about a minute or until crispy.




7. Trim the octopus to expose white flesh and garnish with chiffonade parsley

and tarragon. Add sauce to plate and place octopus on the sauce.


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