Chef Jonghun Won at La Tabatiere : Burdock Pound Cake / 우엉 파운드 케익

Moist and soft pound cake with a crunchy twist!

Try this easy home baking recipe by a Michelin two star pastry chef!





"I think people generally don’t have bad memories of bakeries.

When you think of one [a bakery], you think of your childhood, eating delicious

bread and pastries, and sharing them with family members.”



Burdock Pound Cake / 우엉 파운드 케익

Serves: 3

la tabatiere



454 g Butter, softened

680 g Powdered Sugar

817 g Egg

227 g All-Purpose Flour

91 g Cocoa Powder

8 g Baking Powder

454 g Almond Flour

230 g Burdock, chopped



la tabatiere

la tabatiere

1. Add softened butter and powdered sugar into a mixer.

Start mixing them at low speed and increase speed until creamy.


la tabatiere

la tabatiere

la tabatiere

2. Add ⅓ eggs at a time. Then add flours/powders. Mix up.

Add chopped burdock and mix it again. 


la tabatiere

la tabatiere

la tabatiere

3. Grease pound cake pans with oil spray and bake them at 180°C for 40 minutes.

If the center is not fully baked, rotate the pan and bake 10 more minutes.


la tabatiere

burdock pound cake_2

4. Cut into slices. Enjoy when it's warm with vanilla or coffee flavored ice cream!

If there's any leftover, freeze them and defrost at room temperature.


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