Chef Rockhun Kim “RockChef” : Party Kimbap – Flowers / 꽃김밥

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“It’s simple. When a child is happy, the mother's happy, the father's happy,

the grandmother's happy, the whole family is happy.”



Party Kimbap – Flowers / 꽃김밥

Serves: 5-6 slices




1 Seaweed Paper

1 or 210 g Instant Cooked Rice

1 small Korean Cheese Sausage (White or Yellow)

2 tbsp Beet Powder or ½ tsp Pink Food Coloring

2 tbsp Sushi Vinegar  


Garnish: Wasabi Mayo Sauce





1. Cut seaweed paper in half. Heat the rice as package direction

and add sushi vinegar when it’s hot. Mix well.




2. Add in beet power or food coloring to half of the rice. Divide them into five.




3. Spread pink rice onto small seaweed and roll it up! Dip your finger in water and seal

the edge of the seaweed. Repeat this process for other four pink rice!

And same process for white rice with large seaweed and sausage without rice.




4. Put three pink rice rolls on the bottom and sausage roll on the top and center,

two more pink rolls on the top, so make flower shape with your hand.

Then put them on the white rice, roll them together.



5. Slice it and serve with Wasabi Mayo Sauce.


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