Chef Suyoung Park at Jungsik : Myeong Ran Bibimbap / 명란 비빔밥

The combination of salted Myeong Ran, or cod roe, and wild sesame rice

topped with the crunch of fried quinoa build the perfect balance between the salty and savory

profiles. Make sure to mix well before eating!

Chef Suyoung Park



“Responsibility and accountability is what helped me stay in the kitchen all this time.”



Myeong Ran Bibimbap / 명란 비빔밥

Serves: 2-3




250 g Base Rice

2 g Gim Powder

3 tsp Basic Aioli (can substitute with Mayo)

3 g Yangjo Soy Sauce

8 g Yondu (Vegetable Umami)

20 g Washed Kimchi

Gamtae Seaweed

8-9 Egg Yolks, Sous-Vide

Myeong Ran

Fried Quinoa

10 g Artisanal Sesame Oil


Fried Quinoa:

Quinoa 200g

Water 200g


Base Rice:

200 g White Rice

200 g Pearl Barley

430 g Water


Gim Powder:

1 sheet Dried Seaweed


Basic Aioli:

57 g Egg Yolk

3 g Campaign Vinegar

5 g Lemon Juice

2 g Garlic, minced

350 g Canola Oil



1. Rinse quinoa 2-3 times. Use the rice cooker to cook. After cooking, rinse again 2-3 times and dehydrate

at room temperature for 3 days. Then, fry the quinoa in oil at 380°F - 400°F for around 10 seconds.

This will give it a nice puff, a golden brown color and a nutty flavor.


2. Put 8-9 egg yolks in a zip-bag and cook 30 to 40 minutes at 68°F.


3. To make the Base Rice, rinse the white rice and barley 2-3 times and use the rice cooker to cook.


4. In the meantime, make your Gim Powder and Basic Aioli. For the Gim Powder,

roast the gim on the pan and then grind finely. For the Basic Aioli, combine the egg yolks, vinegar, lemon juice

and garlic in a bowl and mix. While whisking, slowly start to incorporate the canola oil

until aioli becomes thick and shiny. Set aside.



Myeong Ran Bibimbap / 명란 비빔밥

Myeong Ran Bibimbap / 명란 비빔밥

5. In a bowl, add the base rice, soy sauce, yondu, gim powder and the basic aioli and mix well.

Don’t forget to add the washed kimchi! It will reduce the oily flavor

and improve the valance of the dish.


Myeong Ran Bibimbap / 명란 비빔밥

Myeong Ran Bibimbap / 명란 비빔밥

6. To plate, place the rice in a bowl and top with gamtae seaweed and sous-vide egg yolk.

Place slices of the Myeong Ran on top and sprinkle fried quinoa over one side.

Finish with sesame oil. Must be mixed well to enjoy!


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