Halloween rice balls / 할로윈 주먹밥

Yummy scary Halloween celebration! One more excuse to entertain with rice balls ;)


Ingredients (serving 10) 

4cups Cooked short grain rice
4ea Roasted seaweed paper
1/2cup Smoked duck, chopped (or any kind of meat or meatless)
1cup Chopped vegetable (we used onion, carrot, zucchini)
1tbsp Minced garlic
2tbsp chopped scallion
5slices Sliced cheese (white and yellow color)
3tbsp Ketchup
1cup Cocktail sausages 

1. Grill smoked duck over medium heat with 1tbsp of minced garlic and 2tbsp of chopped scallion. You can use any kind of meat you want or remove the meat as well! When it’s half cooked, in about 2-3minutes, add chopped veggies and stir-fry. Salt and pepper to taste. After about 5minutes stir-frying, add cooked rice and ketchup. Mix well and turn off the heat, then cool down. 

2. Cut seaweed paper into 4 pieces and cut 1 inch every sides to wrap the rice easier. Shape fried rice into round shape and place onto the seaweed paper, then wrap it up! You can fix the shape using some plastic wrap. In the meanwhile, cut the bottom of sausages in crisscross shape. Bring water to boil and cook sausages in boiling water for 5-8minutes. Cut slice cheese into 1/4inch thick strips and small round shape for eyes. 

3. Once rice balls are cooled down, put cheese straps around the balls and sausages to look like mummies!! Add ketchup blood or mayo spider web and make extra Halloween vibes!! 


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