Honey Songpyeon / 꿀송편

A must-have recipe for the Chuseok season. These traditional half-moon-shaped rice cakes are chewy, delicious and made in strawberry, original, kabocha and mugwort flavors! Get your ingredients and prepare for the 3-day long holiday!


Makes: 32 Songpyeons | Total Cooking Time: 2 hours


1 7/8 oz Sesame Seeds
1 ½ oz Brown Sugar
5 tsp Roasted Bean Powder
2 tbsp Honey
8 cups Short Grain Rice Powder, frozen
1 tbsp Kabocha Powder
1 tbsp Strawberry Powder
1 tbsp Mugwort Powder
1 tsp Salt
1 1/2 cups Water, boiling hot (for dough)
3 3/4 cups Water (for steaming)
1 cup Ice Cold Water
1 tsp Sesame Oil

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