Ice cream Matcha Hotteok / 아이스크림 녹차호떡

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Try Hotteok with a green twist. It’s hot and the ice cream melts on top. Your taste buds will thank you. HTC_호떡아이스크림_900_01Ingredients (7-10ea) 1pkg Matcha Hotteok mix or any Hotteok mix 1scoop Matcha or Vanilla ice cream Cooking oil Optional : Pistachio, Almond, powdered sugar, green tea powder, berries, mint leaves HTC_호떡아이스크림_900_031. Follow the instruction on the Hotteok mix and make into a dough. (knead for 5-10 minutes, until it becomes little sticky) HTC_호떡아이스크림_900_052. Chop Pistachio and Almond into smaller chunks. Mix into the sugar filling mix from the Hotteok mix. HTC_호떡아이스크림_900_073. Oil your palms and make parts of the dough into small balls. The size can vary as you want, but around 3tbsp would be the best. Flatten it like mini pizza. Add 1tbsp of sugar mix in the center of the dough and seal it by pinching edges together.   HTC_호떡아이스크림_900_09 4. Heat a pan with enough oil and place the shaped doughs on, fry them for 1-2 minutes then flip, gently press down and fry until both sides are nicely golden brown. HTC_호떡아이스크림_900_11 HTC_호떡아이스크림_900_135. Top with a scoop of ice cream. Garnish with berries, green tea/sugar powder or mint leaves. Enjoy when Hotteok is hot and ice cream melts on top! The chewy and crispy Hotteok with soft, melting ice cream combination is just killing! KVD_나가사키짬뽕_HTC_Final_900_12_02
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