Japanese kimchi Pancake / 김치 오꼬노미야끼

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Okonomiyaki is hard the pronounce, easy to make. It's a Japanese dish made simple using Korean pancake mix. Just add kimchi which gives it nice crunch and little bit of spiciness. Come try this beautiful Asian-mixed recipe! 김치오꼬노미야끼900_01 Ingredients (5ea.) 2cups shredded cabbage 1cup julienne onion 1cup bacon 1cup shrimp (peeled and deveined) 1cup kimchi Batter : 2 eggs, 1.5cup Korean unsweet pancake mix(or okonomiyaki flour), 1cup water Topping : 2cups katsuobushi (bonito flakes), pork cutlet sauce, mayonnaise, chopped scallion Prep : Soak shrimp into mirin for 10-20minutes. Squeeze kimchi to remove its juice, then chop it up. Cut bacon into 1 inch. 김치오꼬노미야끼900_03 1. To make batter, beat 2 eggs in a mixing bowl, add Korean pancake mix (unsweet) and water, whisk well.  


2. Add cabbage, onion, bacon, kimchi into the batter. You can add shrimp as well, but we wanted to add it on the top of the batter mixture. Gently mix it. 김치오꼬노미야끼900_07 3. Heat up your fry-pan or griddle, skillet to medium-high heat. Add some oil. Take a scoop of the mixture with your soup ladle. Nicely pour it and spread in a circle. Put some shrimp on the top of it. Press down using a spatula to flatten out the top.   김치오꼬노미야끼900_09 4. Once the edges are firmed and bottom is golden brown, flip it. 5minutes later, turn off the heat. Then drizzle pork cutlet sauce and mayo. Put half cup of Katsuobushi on top, garnish with chopped scallion to give it nice freshness.   김치오꼬노미야끼900_11 5. Serve immediately. Take a bite, and enjoy!   비빔밥_web_17
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