K-BBQ Soybean Paste Stew / 고깃집 된장찌개

One of the top picks for pairing with Korean BBQ can easily be made at home with your very own Ttukbaegi! Enjoy the flavorful taste of this Korean soybean paste stew and the joy of a heaping sip after a bbq lettuce wrap.


Serves: 3 | Total Cooking Time: 30 minutes


60 g Doenjang (Korean Soybean Paste)
55 g Ssamjang (Korean Seasoned Soybean Paste)
550 g Water
3 g Dried Kelp
200 g Tofu, cubed
50 g White Onion, cubed
40 g Scallions, chopped
62 g Grey Squash
25 g Garlic, minced
6 g Gochugaru (Korean Red Pepper Flakes)
120 g Frozen Thin & Roll Sliced Pork Belly (or any preferred pork or beef)
14 g Serrano Peppers, chopped
8 g Finger Long Hot Red Peppers, chopped

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