Korean pork wraps / 보쌈

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Koreans love to eat their meat with green leaf wraps. This recipe, we will boil pork belly until it’s super tender and juicy, then eat with crunch & savory radish kimchi in fresh green leave wraps. The radish kimchi goes perfect with this meat. Have your own wraps with our recipe, and you’re welcome! 보쌈900_01 Ingredients (4 serving) 2lb Thick-cut pork belly Perilla leaves Romaine lettuce Brine : 2tbsp soy bean paste, 1tbsp coffee flakes, 1/3cup mirin, 1/4ea onion, 3cloves garlic, 2tbsp ginger, 1ea dried chili pepper, 1ea bay leave, 5-10ea pepper cons, 2stems white part of scallion Radish kimchi : ½ Korean radish, 2stems green part of scallion, 2tbsp kosher salt, 3tbsp gochugaru, 1tsp sugar, 1tbsp corn syrup, 1/2tbsp minced garlic, 1tbsp salted anchovy sauce Optional dipping sauce : Korean salted shrimp   보쌈900_03 1. Bring 10cups of water to boil in a large pot. When it’s boiling, put pork and all brine ingredients into the water. Turn the heat to medium-low. Boil for an hour ~ an hour and a half. Don’t cover. After that, turn off the heat, and rest the meat in the pot for 30minute to keep it juicy and tender.   보쌈900_05 2. In the meantime, slice radish into 0.5X2 inch long as well as scallion. In a mixing bowl, place the sliced radish, add kosher salt, mix them by your hand! Rest for 10minutes.   보쌈900_07 3. After 10minutes, you will see the radish became very moisture! We should squeeze out the water. Then add all other ingredients except for scallion into the radish, mix them well, then add scallion and mix again.   보쌈900_09 4. Take out the meat from pot, slice into 0.25inch. Place them in a plate with radish kimchi and washed perilla leaves and romaine lettuce. You can serve with salted shrimp dipping sauce.   보쌈900_11 5. Make cups with leaves to wrap your favorite flavor! Don’t take a bite, you have to eat it whole to feel all the flavors!   KVD로고
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