Korean spicy chicken dish / 닭갈비

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Chicken is juicy and soft, sauce is super addictive. And the best part of this dish...fried rice with the leftover sauce. Nom! Nom! 닭갈비900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 4) 2lb Chicken (any part) 2cups Milk Salt & pepper 1/4ea Cabbage 1ea yam 1/2ea Onion 1stem Scallion 3-5ea Perilla leaves Sauce : gochujang 4tbsp, gochugaru 2tbsp, soy sauce 2tbsp, corn syrup 1tbsp, mirni 1tbsp, sugar 1tbsp, sesame oil 1tbsp, sesame seeds 1tbsp, a pinch of salt & pepper Optional : rice, nori, kimchi   닭갈비900_03 1. Clean chicken, season with salt and pepper, soak in milk for 20minutes. Meanwhile cut veggies into bite size, slice yam thinly.   닭갈비900_05 2. Mix all sauce ingredients to make spicy gochujang sauce. Drain the milk, add half of the sauce into chicken, mix them together   닭갈비900_07 3. Oil your wok over medium heat, add chicken, veggies and left sauce. Stir-fry them until yam gets soft and chicken is cooked. Serve warm.   닭갈비900_09 4. Although it’s too good to stop eating, you should leave some! it’s a must to make fried rice with leftover meat, sauce and veggies when you eat this dish. Add cooked rice, nori, chopped kimchi, sesame oil and sesame seeds. Mix and spread the rice over the wok. You can add mozzarella cheese according to taste. As soon as cheese melts or you spread the rice, you can start eating, but if you wait until bottom gets hard, you will get some crispy rice too!   비빔밥_web_17  
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