Korean Taiyaki / 붕어빵

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This is one of the most popular Korean street dishes. Enjoy this soft and sweet that's easy to make, hard to forget! 붕어빵900_01 Ingredients (24ea) Batter : 2cups milk, 3cups pancake mix, 2eggs Filling : Red bean paste, nutella, custard cream, peanut butter&jelly   붕어빵900_03 1. In a large mixing bowl, beat 2eggs and add milk, whisk them. Add pancake mix, mix them well. The consistency should be thinner than usual pancake batter. Put the batter into sauce bottle or small tea pot has pointy mouth so you can pour the batter easily.   붕어빵900_05 2. Bring a taiyaki pan over medium heat, coat with butter or oil spray. Pour the batter in a half of each.   붕어빵900_07 3. Choose your favorite filling from traditional to fusion! Put 1tbsp of filling into the center, then add little bit more of batter to cover it.   붕어빵900_09 4. Cover, and cook it until both sides are golden brown. Cool for a minute then serve!   붕어빵900_11   KVD로고
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