Marinated Grilled Short Ribs / LA갈비

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Happy thanksgiving, with delicious short ribs and joyful family gatherings! KVD_LA갈비_HTC_Final_900_01Ingredients (serving size: 3-4) 600g LA galbi Sauce: 4tbsp minced Korean pear 4tbsp minced onion 3tbsp corn syrup 1tbsp sugar 1tbsp sesame oil 1/4cup water 3tbsp soy sauce 2tbsp mirin 1tbsp minced garlic 1/2tbsp minced ginger Ground pepper Garnish : scallion, sesame seeds Optional side salad : Asian chives, enoki mushrooms KVD_LA갈비_HTC_Final_900_03 1. In a large bowl with some cold water, soak the meat for 30 minutes to 2 hours to suck the blood out. Drain the water and pat the galbi with a dry towel.   KVD_LA갈비_HTC_Final_900_05 2. Mix all the sauce ingredients. Marinate the meat with the sauce. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours to overnight. The meat will be more juicy and flavorful, be patient and leave it as long as you can!   KVD_LA갈비_HTC_Final_900_07 3. On an oil glazed pan, grill marinated galbi. When the meat turns to golden brown, cut them into pieces using scissors. When the galbi turns to darker brown, it’s ready to go. Make sure you don’t burn them! Keep the heat to low-medium.   KVD_LA갈비_HTC_Final_900_09 4. Let’s have the feast! Garnish with some scallion and sesame seeds. Enjoy with side salad of Asian chives and enoki mushrooms.   KVD_LA갈비_HTC_Final_900_11 Start your galbi tradition this thanksgiving ! KVD_나가사키짬뽕_HTC_Final_900_12_02
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