Mini seafood scallion pancake / 미니해물파전

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Try this easy and fun recipe for beginner cooks! They are almost too cute to eat! 해물파전900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 10-15 each) 1 cup Korean pancake mix 15 stems Scallions 1 cup Cocktail shrimp 1 cup Small clams 2 Eggs Dipping sauce : soy sauce 2tbsp, vinegar 1tsp, red pepper flakes 1tsp, a pinch of sesame seeds Optional : pepper   해물파전900_03 1. Bring water to boil, add 1tbsp of salt, and blanch shrimp and clams until they are cooked.   해물파전900_05 2. In a mixing bowl, add cold water to Korean pancake mix. Prepare beaten eggs on the side.   해물파전900_07 3. Heat up a pan over medium low heat, pour 1 scoop of batter and make it a round shape using a ladle.   해물파전900_09 4. Top with scallion > seafood > pepper > beaten eggs and flip once just for 10 seconds.   해물파전900_11 5. Make a dipping sauce by mixing all sauce ingredients. Serve immediately. Enjoy!   KVD로고
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