Omurice / 오므라이스

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Need new idea for homemade brunch? We present you... omelette rice, Omurice! 오므라이스900_01 Ingredients (Serving size: 2) 3-4 eggs cooking oil salt & pepper Fried rice : 1/2cup chopped onion, 1/4cup peas, 1/4cup ham or spam, 1/4cup yellow and red bell peppers, 1/4cup carrot, 3cups cooked rice, 2tbsp ketchup Sauce : ½ tbsp butter, 2 cloves garlic(sliced), 1/2cup sliced common mushroom, 2tbsp ketchup, 1tbsp honey, 5tbsp water, 4tbsp Barbecue or steak, pork cutlet sauce, 1tsp crushed black pepper   오므라이스900_03 1. Heat your non-stick pan over medium heat, pour 1tbsp cooking oil. Add vegetables for fried rice. Stir-fry them until soft.   오므라이스900_05 2. Add cooked rice and ketchup, a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Mix them well. Set aside.   오므라이스900_07 3. Wipe the pan with a kitchen towel, and heat up to medium, pour 1tsp of oil. Beat 3-4 eggs with a pinch of salt. You can add some milk for creamy, soft texture. Pour the half of beaten eggs into pan gently to make a large and round omelette. When the omelette is almost finished cooking, pile the rice on the top of the omelette and fold one side over the rice. Repeat this step once for two serving.   오므라이스900_09 4. You can simply use ketchup for dressing, but the sauce we are going to make completes the authentic omurice! Melt butter in a sauce pan, over medium-high heat, add garlic and mushroom and sauté them. When garlic gets soft, add the sauce ingredients above, while stirring, boil it for 5minutes.   오므라이스900_11 5. Pour it on top of the rice covered with omelette. Serve immediately.   오므라이스900_13 The sauce is sweet, savory and tangy which is a nice contrast to the fried rice and soft egg on top. It’s easy to make, fun to eat because it’s an egg on the outside and there’s a surprise on the inside! Make it today!   비빔밥_web_17  
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