Reignite your ramen / 라면

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Instant noodles are a staple of Korean's diets. Here's our 4ways to make addictive Korean ramen!   라면_cs4_01 Ingredients One pack of Korean instant noodles is the beginning of each recipe. *The instant ramen brand we love is Ohsung Hong Ramyun(Hot & Spicy) Vegetable Ramen : an egg, scallion, chili peppers, sesame seeds Kimchi & Char siu Ramen : kimchi, char siu, boiled egg, scallion Cheese & Bacon Ramen : bacon, slide cheese, chili peppers Seafood Ramen : shrimp, mussel, crab, chili peppers Optional : kamaboko, aburaage   라면900_02 Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Add the soup base, vegetable flakes and noodles included in the package. When the noodles get soft, add toppings using the following steps according to your taste.   라면900_04 Vegetable Ramen Put some sliced scallion, chili peppers and sliced kamaboko & fried tofu for extra garnish. Then crack an egg over the noodles and sprinkle some sesame seeds. Don’t stir the noodles if you want to make beautiful poached egg topping. It’s simple and most common way in Korea.   라면900_06 Kimchi & Char siu Ramen We should make medium-boiled eggs first. Put eggs into the boiling water, and take them out after 6~7minutes. Let it cool in cold water for 10mins. Chop some kimchi and julienne scallion. You can cook char siu by searing and simmering pork belly with soy sauce, sugar, onion, garlic, and ginger. If you don’t want to take as many steps to make char siu or eggs, you can just make kimchi ramen. Kimchi makes the soup so flavorful in itself!   라면900_08 Cheese & Bacon Ramen Slightly grill some bacon and chop it. Put one or two slices of cheese. When it starts to melt, add chopped grilled bacon and pepper on top of the cheese. With this recipe, you can taste cheesy & savory noodles and spicy soup at the same time!   라면900_10 Seafood Ramen Soak your shellfish in vinegar or lemon juice and water for 30mins to get rid of the odor. After 3ominutes, rinse them and put onto boiling noodles. Cook it until shrimp completely turns color. You will find the smell of fresh sea from this seafood ramen!   라면900_12   비빔밥_web_17  
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