Stuffed squid / 오징어순대

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This is a whole new idea for the holidays. Let’s get started! 오징어순대900_01 Ingredients (2 serving) 1ea Squid, cleaned 1cup Pork, julienned 1cup Bell pepper, julienne ¼ Onion, julienned 1tbsp Garlic, minced 2tbps Scallion, chopped Salt & pepper 1ea Tooth pick Dipping sauce : 1T honey, 1T lemon juice, 1T olive oil Garnish : cranberry, dill   오징어순대900_03 1. Heat up your pan over medium, start with 1tbsp of any oil, gently stir-fry it with scallion and garlic. Before they get brown, add pork, keep stirring and cook. When pork gets mild-brown, add bell peppers and onion, then salt and pepper to taste. When pork is golden brown and onion gets transparent, turn off the heat and set aside.   오징어순대900_05 2. Place a cleaned squid onto your work surface, stuff all stir-fried ingredients into the squid. Close with a tooth pick.   오징어순대900_07 3. In a big pot and wok, bring a water to boil, put a steamer into the wok. Turn down the heat to medium, place a stuffed squid, cover.   오징어순대900_09 4. In the meantime, make a dipping or drizzle sauce by mixing the three ingredients.   오징어순대900_11 5. Cut half depth of squid every half inch, flip and cut cross intricately on the other side.   오징어순대900_13 Garnish with dill and cranberry to mood up your happy holiday!   KVD로고
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