Yummy Korean tempura / 모듬튀김

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It’s an all-time favorite Korean street food. So crunchy, sweet and savory. You can easily make these at home! Come follow us! 모듬튀김900_01 Ingredients (4 serving) 3cups Korean Tempura powder 1ea Yam 1ea Squid 5ea Large tail-on shrimp 1ea Carrot 1-2ea Potato 1ea Onion 5-10ea Perilla leaves Corn oil Dipping sauce: 1/2cup tsuyu sauce, 2tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp mirin, 1tsp sugar, 1/2tbsp chopped scallion   *Clean all veggies and seafood. Peel carrot and potato, then julienne as well as onion and perilla leaves. Slice yam into 1/4 inch thick, squid 1/2inch thick. Soak seafood in mirin for 10minutes. 모듬튀김900_031. Make batter by mixing 2cups tempura powder with 1cup of cold water. Add 5-10 ice for more crispy. It should be runny consistency.   모듬튀김900_05 2. Heat up corn oil to around 360F/175C, in the meantime, dip each ingredient into tempura powder, then into the batter.   모듬튀김900_07 3. When you add a small piece of batter, and it floats up right away, it’s time to fry! Carefully add veggies/ yam/ squid/ shrimp separately, fry until golden brown.   모듬튀김900_09 4. Mix all sauce ingredients to make dipping sauce. Serve immediately.   모듬튀김900_11 Anything FRIED is never wrong!   KVD로고
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