About Smart Card

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Hmart smart saving card

Fill in the application
before shopping!
Save Item!

Why is shopping with the Smart Card smarter?

Smart card shoppers know they get extra discounts, like this coupon book for instance. They also get special in-store savings and special entry into our unique Sweepstakes throughout the year. Smart card shoppers also know you get a $10 dollar gift certificate for every $1000 dollars purchased.

About Smart Card
  • Hmart Smart card is another way for us to thank you for being our valued customer.
  • Points added to the card will reflect the amount of purchase excluding tax and points will be redeemed to the reward certificate.
  • Be smart and get all the benefits with Hmart smart saving card!
Join Smart Card
  • Registration is absolutely free with no annual fees.
  • Customers can use the smart card after submitting the application form to the Hmart customer service center.
  • Please, click HERE to check the store locations.